Life Sucks

Apple Blossoms  pink blooming

When I told me sister about the changes in my husband and my concerns, her immediate response was “Oh, no – life sucks” . I agreed, but  upon thinking it over, I can’t say that life sucks. I have been very blessed throughout my life. I had a loving childhood – filled with supportive family and friends, a good education, two caring and thoughtful  husbands, 3 wonderful children, a profession that I enjoyed, a comfortable home, more than enough to eat and the ability to take small vacations throughout the years….so I will say this particular thing sucks, but not life. No one lives a long life without having to deal with hardships and difficulties at some point. I’m happy that I can really savor and enjoy every moment that we’re together, let go of the minor annoyances and hope the disease progresses slowly.


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