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Mid April 2015


Sometimes his memory is better than mine…..recently we were trying to remember which politician had recently died…and he remembered it.  I didn’t.  He’ll seem to be perfectly fine, but then something will happen that’s just a bit off or out of the norm. When we were at church last week, the usher came to give my husband the offertory basket,  instead of taking it, he waved the usher away as though he were a pesky fly….or salesman. He’s been more chatty than his norm and talking about his past job at times. On the plus side, he seems more relaxed and smiles more frequently. He will very occasionally have word-finding problems, but so do I.



April 15

pink and white tulips

In the past he was always very conscious of how many bananas we had in the house. If we only had a few left, he’d stop at the store and get more, or remind me to get some when we went shopping. Then other day I noticed that we were out of bananas and had been out of them for several days, he didn’t seem to be aware of the fact….didn’t comment on it or pick up any at the store.

Clothes Basket

April 13

spring flowering trees and bushes

Rummaging around in the dirty clothes basket. I asked him “What are you looking for?”  He said “Nothing” I said “Nothing? You’re rummaging around in the dirty clothes basket” He said ” I’m looking for an undershirt.” He had looked in the closet, but hadn’t been able to find one. There were 2 colored shirts in there, but they were kind of hidden under some other stuff and he hadn’t seen them. He normally would never search through  the dirty clothes to find something to wear.